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Uverworld Our Always

Uverworld Our Always, OUR ALWAYS, 6.04 MB, 04:24, 8,909, UVERworld - Topic, 2021-12-21T10:04:37.000000Z, 19, Only UVERworld, onlyuverworld.tumblr.com, 500 x 500, jpeg, [uverworld「our always」歌詞] ワンボックスカーに荷物を乗せ 街から街へ 夢を運んで それだけで幸せだったけど always このバンドを愛してこれたのは. Uverworld (stylized as uverworld) is a japanese rock band consisting of six members and originating from kusatsu, shiga. they have released nine studio albums and over twenty singles and have sold over three million records worldwide. Uverworld is a term coined by the band members, combining the german word über (meaning over) with the english word world to. [new video] uverworld『our always』[english/spanish subtitles] on march 21, 2022, 20, uverworld-our-always, KAMPION