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Tombo In 7/4

Tombo In 7/4, Tombo in 7/4, 8.72 MB, 06:21, 31,301, Airto Moreira - Topic, 2014-11-09T01:55:55.000000Z, 19, Tombo in 7/4 - Senri Kawaguchi - Lead Sheet - Download Sheet Music PDF, www.scoreexchange.com, 752 x 1064, png, Find the key and tempo for tombo in 7 / 4 by raul de souza, matheus jardim, glauco solter, christophe schweizer, alex corrêa. Also discover the danceability, energy, liveness, instrumentalness, happiness and more musical analysis points on musicstax. Tombo in 7/4 is a brazilian jazz song written and performed by airto moreira. The piece features a intoxicating blend of brazilian percussion with the fusion jazz styling and melodics that were popular during the 70s and 80s. , 20, tombo-in-74, KAMPION