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The Script Hall Of Fame

The Script Hall Of Fame, The Script - Hall of Fame (Official Video) ft. will.i.am, 5.36 MB, 03:54, 521,542,141, TheScriptVEVO, 2012-08-22T01:04:14.000000Z, 19, The Script Releases Hall of Fame Single Featuring will.i.am ~ Kernel's, www.kernelscorner.com, 960 x 960, jpeg, Create and get +5 iq. Em c g d [verse 1] em yeah, you could be the greatest c you can be the best g d you can be the king kong banging on your chest em you could beat the world c you could beat the war g d you could talk to god, go banging on his door em you can throw your hands up c you can beat the clock g you can move. [email protected] co. uk this is the piano intro played on guitar, it is pretty accurate i played it on piano before converting it. You can be a master. , 20, the-script-hall-of-fame, KAMPION