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Suicides Love Story

Suicides Love Story, SUICIDES LOVE STORY - Persona Trinity Soul, 6.96 MB, 05:04, 23,170, PSC, 2017-09-09T05:23:35.000000Z, 19, SUICIDES LOVE STORY [Single] [Maxi]:北出菜奈:CD ≪ CINEMAticRoom, cinematicroom.com, 500 x 435, jpeg, The video for suicides love story shows kitade singing throughout the video. At the end of the video she is supposedly to commit suicide, and is reincarnated as a cherry tree. According to japanese legend, the price to pay when committing suicide is to be reincarnated as a cherry tree where birds will peck at you for all eternity. Nana kitade • suicides love storyálbum:, 20, suicides-love-story, KAMPION