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Stomp To My Beat

Stomp To My Beat, ddr stomp to my beat, 5.86 MB, 04:16, 1,144,212, ddrfans, 2006-11-15T18:15:36.000000Z, 19, Stomp To My Beat (Full Version) - JS16 - YouTube, www.youtube.com, 1280 x 720, jpeg, Our warriors are out there fightin' hard to kill them nasty wildhammer dwarves, so we can be safe back here at the village. It's only right we do what we can to support them. A good beat's what every troll needs to do his best in a fight. The poundin' rhythm of the drums drivin' you to hit harder, callin' the spirits to watch over you. , 20, stomp-to-my-beat, KAMPION