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She Don't Know Me

She Don't Know Me, Bon Jovi - She Don't Know Me, 5.56 MB, 04:03, 8,456,169, BonJoviVEVO, 2009-06-16T22:37:42.000000Z, 19, BON JOVI FRENCH COLLECTION The Biggest Worldwide Collection: SHE DON'T, bonjovifrenchcollection.blogspot.com, 1071 x 1047, jpeg, [chorus] what she don't know is i know what she's been up to i bet she thinks she got me playеd for a fool but the joke's on her, in that. Fair warning, formerly known as the disco group la flavour, recorded this song for their fair warning album, but the song was given to bon jovi around the sa. I saw you from across the room and i knew i would forever be mad at myself if i didn’t come and strike a conversation with you. I’ve only known you for a couple of minutes, but there’s a pretty good chance that i kind of, sort of, quite possibly, might be in love with you already. , 20, she-dont-know-me, KAMPION