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Senses Working Overtime

Senses Working Overtime, XTC - Senses Working Overtime (Official Video), 6.41 MB, 04:40, 389,694, Rune Hede, 2019-05-08T09:28:33.000000Z, 19, Senses Working Overtime (Circa 80) (2006, CD) | Discogs, www.discogs.com, 600 x 540, jpeg, Senses working overtime trying to take this all in i've got one, two, three, four, five senses working overtime trying to taste the difference 'tween a lemon and a lime pain and pleasure, and the church bells softly chime hey, hey, night fights day there's food for the thinkers and the innocents can all live slowly all live slowly my, my, the. My, my, the sky will cry. Jewels for the thirsty and the guilty one's can all die slowly, all die slowly. It's just for me to feed my face. , 20, senses-working-overtime, KAMPION