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Rock And Roll Thugs 歌詞

Rock And Roll Thugs 歌詞, Icon For Hire ~ Rock And Roll Thugs ~ Lyrics, 5.13 MB, 03:44, 534,936, Ethelia Jumper, 2016-06-13T20:25:55.000000Z, 19, 【歌詞カタカナ】Rock And Roll Thugs – Icon For Hire | 洋楽日本語化計画, yougaku-nihongo.com, 1280 x 720, jpeg, Sometimes i swear the lyrics write me the lyrics write me the melody a remedy to calm me down you never did approve of the fix i found bury all the records in the backyard, when you're not looking i'll go dig them back up you can bury my body in the backyard, Become a better singer in only 30 days, with easy video lessons! The music is in my blood, you don't understand the music is in my blood, you don't understand sleepless nights at the black and white keys i'll let my fingers say it for me sometimes my spirit's still so scared once i put it in a melody it means so much more to me fate sealed, i. And i know all about the drugs they hide inside the music, i know, i know. , 13, rock-and-roll-thugs-歌詞, KAMPION