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Ptx Vol.3

Ptx Vol.3, PTX Volume 3, 32.73 MB, 23:50, 246, Galaxy of Fandoms, 2017-01-02T03:00:01.000000Z, 19, I Have an Opinion: IHAO on PTX vol. 3, deewunihao.blogspot.com, 1500 x 1500, jpeg, This is a medley mashup of the ptx vol 3 album, inspired by superfruit's beyonce and 1989 videos. The material belongs entirely to pentatonix, we just ar. The monster hits by american artists are here too, such as ariana grande's problem, featuring ptx's mitch grassi rapping iggy azaela's verse. And a take on disclosure's latch—here as la la latch—is buoyant and crisp. , 20, ptx-vol-3, KAMPION