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Pangarap Lang Kita Lyrics

Pangarap Lang Kita Lyrics, Pangarap Lang Kita - Parokya ni Edgar feat. Happy Sy (Lyrics), 4.46 MB, 03:15, 3,626,842, LNZGRFX, 2012-10-06T17:25:55.000000Z, 19, Pangarap Lang Kita Karaoke, langitvloge.blogspot.com, 1045 x 1236, png, You're just a dream. [chito and happy] and even though i love you (i'm loving you) i can't do anything (can't do a thing) oh baby, i admit. You're just a dream. [happy sy] even though i love you very much. , 20, pangarap-lang-kita-lyrics, KAMPION