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Ordinary Song Lyrics

Ordinary Song Lyrics, Ordinary Song - Marc Velasco (Lyrics), 5.33 MB, 03:53, 4,375,736, Vhic Playlist, 2020-08-20T08:06:32.000000Z, 19, Ordinary Man, by Gordon Lightfoot, lyrics and chords, www.traditionalmusic.co.uk, 2284 x 1869, png, [chorus 1] f g but if you ever find yourself em7 am tired of all the games you play f g when the world seems so unfair em7 am you can count on me to stay g f just take sometime g and lend an ear f g to this ordinary song [interlude] c g [verse 2] c am just an ordinary song dm g to a special girl like you dm from a simple guy g c g that's so in. To this ordinary song interlude verse 2: Just an ordinary song to a special girl like you from a simple guy who's so in love with you i don't even have the looks to make you glance my way the clothes i wear may just seem so absurd chorus 2: But deep inside of me is you you give life to what i do all those years may see you through, 20, ordinary-song-lyrics, KAMPION