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One Ok Rock Hard To Love

One Ok Rock Hard To Love, Hard to Love, 4.51 MB, 03:17, 871,021, ONE OK ROCK - Topic, 2017-02-09T09:59:49.000000Z, 19, 『Hard To Love』歌詞/和訳 ONE OK ROCKの新曲はTAKAの父を想って書かれた名曲 - いつか終わるブログ, japaneseguy.hatenablog.com, 1024 x 1024, jpeg, You make it look easy even when i'm hard to love when i dropped out of school you told me that my time was up i was a rebel with a cause just didn't know quite what it was so i got a job that barely paid you said you did the same thing at my age you showed me that i was just a diamond in the rough you helped me to grow into the man that i've become Lagu ini menjadi bagian dari album studio kedelapan mereka, ambitions, bersama 13 lagu lainnya. Album tersebut dirilis di jepang pada 11 januari 2017, sedangkan versi internasional dirilis. You showed me that i was just a diamond in the rough. , 20, one-ok-rock-hard-to-love, KAMPION