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Nobody Here But Us Chickens!

Nobody Here But Us Chickens!, LOUIS JORDAN Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens 1956, 3.57 MB, 02:36, 646,160, woodytube, 2009-12-08T16:04:22.000000Z, 19, "Nobody Here But Us Chickens" Hand-painted sign for chicken coop or, www.pinterest.com, 2448 x 1248, jpeg, 1) a sarcastic answer implying who else would be here? or just the regular crowd 2) could be used to hide someone there who should not be source: Originally from a fable involving a chicken thief (possibly a fox) hiding in the hen house and answering the farmer's question of who's making all the noise. Also made popular by a 40's song of the same name by. Nobody here but us chickens:, 20, nobody-here-but-us-chickens, KAMPION