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Lyrics Crystal Moment Kat-tun

Lyrics Crystal Moment Kat-tun, CRYSTAL MOMENT, 5.91 MB, 04:18, 11,842, KAT-TUN - Topic, 2022-02-03T10:08:14.000000Z, 19, Blue Daisy - IVVY | Shazam, www.shazam.com, 800 x 800, jpeg, Finally, the day has come. より速く (yeah) より⾼く (yeah) 雲を超えるかのよう⽻ばたく. そう速く (yeah) いっそう⾼く (yeah) 天を舞うかのよう輝く. Click here now to find out why others like this song!, 4, lyrics-crystal-moment-kat-tun, KAMPION