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Just A Dream 歌詞

Just A Dream 歌詞, Just A Dream (lyrics) - Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie, 6 MB, 04:22, 2,617,819, Akerio, 2013-07-03T06:31:49.000000Z, 19, “Just A Dream”, yougaku-translation.com, 1200 x 1200, jpeg, It was only just a dream (it's just a dream) so i travel back (travel back) (i travel back) down that road (down the road) (down the road) will you come back? No one knows (no one knows) i realize, it was only just a dream (no, no, no. ) and i was thinkin about you (woooo), thinkin about me thinkin about us (whooooo), what we gonna be? It was only just a dream. If you ever loved somebody put your hands up. , 20, just-a-dream-歌詞, KAMPION