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Jesus Built My Hotrod

Jesus Built My Hotrod, Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod (Official Music Video) | Warner Vault, 6.96 MB, 05:04, 9,345,228, Warner Records Vault, 2009-10-27T01:55:17.000000Z, 19, Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod | Releases | Discogs, www.discogs.com, 600 x 600, jpeg, So they doubled down and they released 'jesus built my hotrod,' which to this day is still the hottest selling single on warner bros. But they had to do that to make their money back, because they'd already put about 1. 5 mil into us. And we got one song. By the end of it, we finally got our act together and we created an album. , 20, jesus-built-my-hotrod, KAMPION