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In My Place Coldplay

In My Place Coldplay, Coldplay - In My Place (Official Video), 5.2 MB, 03:47, 240,043,179, Coldplay, 2011-05-27T23:46:38.000000Z, 19, In my place by Coldplay, CDS with lejaguar - Ref:110816788, www.cdandlp.com, 1024 x 1024, jpeg, Variable (around 72 bpm) fadeout: There's no fadeout in the end language: [lead vocal, backing vocals, string section, organ, electric guitar2, electric guitar1, bass, tambourine, drum kit. In my place, in my place were lines that i couldn’t change i was lost, oh yeah. , 20, in-my-place-coldplay, KAMPION