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I Want You Back Lyrics

I Want You Back Lyrics, Jackson 5- I Want You Back Lyrics!, 4.12 MB, 03:00, 15,903,065, GamingNation29, 2011-08-27T18:04:03.000000Z, 19, Love Song Lyrics for:I Want You Back-In Sync, www.traditionalmusic.co.uk, 1184 x 1605, png, I want you back it's giving you a heartattack i hate myself for doing that you're the best thing i ever known hey, i've been going back and forth then i miss you more and more everyday i keep writing all these words, in my head so i know what to say i don't know if i'm worth it, maybe we were perfect i really need to call you tonight [intro] oh, oh, oh [verse 1] like a coat that i sold in the summer now i'm cold and i want you back, want you back like an old baby doll that some other kid stole i want you back, want you back. Hey guys i love michael jackson. He made me want to sing. , 20, i-want-you-back-lyrics, KAMPION