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Glenn Gould Gathering

Glenn Gould Gathering, Glenn Gould Gathering - Die Kunst der Fuge_BWV1080a - Contrapunctus I, 6.43 MB, 04:41, 1,266, Gabriel Pires, 2020-06-19T22:16:23.000000Z, 19, Francesco Tristano - Out now: Glenn Gould Gathering Curated by Ryuichi, www.francescotristano.com, 1955 x 1720, jpeg, For glenn gould’s legion of admirers in japan, the foundation is honoured that the celebrated composer, performer, producer, and activist ryuichi sakamoto will curate the glenn gould gathering; Ryuichi sakamoto, who has always admired gould for his style, became a curator, and glenn gould gathering was held at the sogetsu kaikan, aoyama, tokyo (東京・青山・草月会館). Performers also include alvaro noto and christian fennes, who have been friends with ryuichi sakamoto for many years, and a talented pianist in france. Follow on twitter @glenngouldltd. , 20, glenn-gould-gathering, KAMPION