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Feel Good Inc

Feel Good Inc, Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. (Official Video), 5.81 MB, 04:14, 636,382,995, Gorillaz, 2016-06-28T12:53:12.000000Z, 19, MediaNet Content Experience: Feel Good Inc Ep by Gorillaz, www.mndigital.com, 800 x 800, jpeg, Yo, we gon' ghost town this motown with yo' sound, you in the blink gon' bite the dust, can't fight with us with yo' sound, you kill the inc. All right reserved to gorillaz©, damon albarn, jamie hewlett, and other producers of gorillaz© Unlike quite a few music videos these days, feel good inc. ’s video and music go hand in hand. One source this music video obviously and generously seems to borrow from is the novel 1984. , 20, feel-good-inc, KAMPION