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Do Wah Diddy

Do Wah Diddy, Do Wah Diddy Diddy, 3.25 MB, 02:22, 605,557, Manfred Mann - Topic, 2015-06-23T12:30:07.000000Z, 19, Do wah diddy diddy by Manfred Mann, EP with openmind1974 - Ref:115406854, www.cdandlp.com, 1024 x 1024, jpeg, Diddy wah diddy is a song written by willie dixon and ellas mcdaniel, known as bo diddley, and recorded by the latter in 1956. The song shares only its title with blind blake's song diddie wah diddie recorded in 1929. Over the years, the bo diddley song has been covered by many bands and artists, including the astronauts, captain beefheart and his magic band, the remains, the. Gate opens at 9:00am. , 20, do-wah-diddy, KAMPION