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Debbie Gibson - Lost In Your Eyes

Debbie Gibson - Lost In Your Eyes, Debbie Gibson - Lost In Your Eyes (Official Music Video), 5.29 MB, 03:51, 50,648,461, RHINO, 2009-10-27T02:54:41.000000Z, 19, Blog: Happy Anniversary “Lost In Your Eyes” — Debbie Gibson, debbiegibsonofficial.com, 800 x 791, jpeg, Debbie gibson produced “lost in your eyes,” but i don’t really think it’s her fault that the song sounds canned and overdone. She was working within the context of. Debbie gibson & joey mcintyre] i don't mind not knowing what i'm heading for you can take me to the skies it's like being lost in heaven when i'm. And now i know. , 20, debbie-gibson-lost-in-your-eyes, KAMPION