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Avīci (01)

Avīci (01), Ranking Avicii - AVĪCI (01), 3.5 MB, 02:33, 621, Hawksey, 2018-04-21T12:02:48.000000Z, 19, AVĪCI (01) (EP) - Avicii - SensCritique, www.senscritique.com, 3000 x 3000, jpeg, Avicii is finally back with his first collection of music since 2015’s stories and his announcement of retirement. Avīci 01 ep is one of the gorgeous album of avicii. album's primary genre is dance , it was released on august 11, 2017 and contains 6 tracks of duration 17 minutes and 46 seconds with a soft, smooth, and pleasant sound. He released more body of works which include his second studio album, stories in 2015, and an ep, avīci (01) in 2017. Most popular songs include “hey brother”, “wake me up”, “the nights”, “the days”, “addicted to you”, “lonely together”, and “sunshine” which featured david guetta. , 20, avici-01, KAMPION