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Ajr Way Less Sad

Ajr Way Less Sad, AJR - Way Less Sad (Official Video), 4.76 MB, 03:28, 19,649,231, AJR, 2021-02-17T15:00:14.000000Z, 19, AJR's "Way Less Sad," Nessa Barrett's "La Di Die," Mike Shinoda's, headlineplanet.com, 1502 x 700, jpeg, Ajr's 'way less sad' hit is about 'celebrating the small wins. '. In a radio show interview with k92 mornin' thang, brothers and band members jack and ryan met of ajr revealed how. The brothers said in an interview, “‘way less sad’ is a song about how we’re really feeling in this moment…. So much of last year felt apocalyptic and this year we can finally see the light at the end of. , 20, ajr-way-less-sad, KAMPION