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アンコール Yoasobi Lyrics

アンコール Yoasobi Lyrics, ENCORE - YOASOBI 『アンコール』 Lyrics Video (Kan/Rom/Eng), 6.29 MB, 04:35, 830,888, TATATAN, 2021-01-19T12:38:36.000000Z, 19, Lyrics アンコール (Encore) by YOASOBI, www.spotlyrics.com, 800 x 800, jpeg, The sounds of you went further and further, then, i was back to being by myself, in the stagnant air. I simply think back to those ordinary days, in this world, where we wait for the end to come. The tough past, the awful memories, even the melodies we can't forget, it's goodbye to them all with the passing of today. 明日 あした 世界 せかい は 終 お わるんだって. , 20, アンコール-yoasobi-lyrics, KAMPION